A Note To Our Advertisers Regarding Covid-19

Dear Advertiser,


Along with you, we are closely watching the impact COVID-19 is having on the community. We are concerned and our company has mobilized quickly to protect the well-being of our employees and customers, which is our number one priority.

We recognize many of you rely on us to provide you with advertising your businesses. We take that responsibility very seriously. We have the highest standards and services for all of our clients, so if your business is closed please contact us, so we can better assist you and take all the right steps to help you during this time.

In partnership with you, we are implementing additional precautionary measures to safeguard the safety of our customers, workers and communities:

  • Encouraging all advertising to move to phone orders.
  • Encouraging businesses that are closed down to let us know so we can resume when this crisis is over, including suspending online ads, and social media postings that we do for you as well as your print ads.
  • Advertisers who stay open and want customers to be aware of that, we can continue to advertise you more frequently than normal increasing your traffic.
  • If you are closing and still want to attract clients by leaving your ads up, so you can still have some presence, we can continue to advertise you.

Through this unprecedented and challenging time for you and your business, APG/New Media will do our part to continue to be a place where businesses can count on for all your advertising needs.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty during this trying time for all of us. Our commitment to our advertisers remains as strong as ever.


APG/New Media